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Thacher School students, applicants, and alums

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[03 Sep 2004|03:22am]
HAPPY VALLEY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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cross-posted [07 Jun 2003|02:52pm]

Hmm, I've graduated...!

We leave for the grad night party in just over an hour. :)
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hi [06 Jun 2003|11:15am]

Erm... hey everyone! I'm Keely, I'll be CdeP '05... Juniors next year! It's sad seeing the seniors go though (bye bye Lucy!) Um... yeah, that's about it... Have fun over the summer!
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[06 Jun 2003|11:13am]

Welcome to the Thacher community...umm...if you're here, you probably already know something about Thacher...if not, go to the website at Thacher.org. My name is Lucy...I'm graduating this year...tomorrow, actually...yay CdeP '03 :-D Anyway, feel free to post...
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